Artist Statement

                     \\   Λ_Λ   
                         \( ˇωˇ)    
                             >     ⌒ヽ
                             /        へ\
                        /  /   \\
                    レ ノ    ヽ_つ
                  / /
                   / /|
                ( (ヽ
                 | |、\  
                     | 丿  \ ⌒)
                     | |  ) /
                 `ノ )       Lノ

No, Ladies Are Not Waiting Anymore
public art, 2018


Ladies Waiting Room is an abandoned building right next to Glasgow Bridge.
It was built in 1880s. It wasn’t a public toilet but a space for ladies waiting for small boats to cross the Clyde.
Around that time, if there was a ladies waiting room, the other was a general waiting room.

This is an open window into the mindframe of the past; the male biologically, culturally and politically forming the society’s first class (general), whereas the female, waiting as an afterthought, form the second class.


“No, ladies are not waiting anymore.”

⭤ A slide show about Ladies Waiting Room  ⭤

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In Residence
16 Nicholson Street and THE PIPE FACTORY, Glasgow, 2018

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