Soorin Shin 3D prints distortion. 3D printing sculptures of virtual objects, she draws attention to distortion generated by transformation between the real and the digital.
Photogrammetry brings real objects into the virtual space, using photographs from multiple angles. As the subject loses spacial information through this process, the real-life shape is distorted by the algorithm’s lack of imagination. Soorin re-composes and re-constructs these now virtual objects via 3D sculpting and modelling. When they come back to life through 3D printing, the image is once again distorted by the realistic limit of the practice. Twice altered, the object becomes its own mass; unique from the original.

Recently, she is interested in how natural this information loss, this distortion, is. As an object transfers between the real and the digital, a state of entropy (degree of disorder) occurs and increases, an irreversible change as natural as ageing. Even complex 3D scans erode into something organic-like when they lose data. Her sculptures, weathered by travelling between the real and the virtual, carve a new landscape somewhere between the two.  

©Soorin Shin, 2021